Build your team’s uniform in 4 simple steps

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Choosing your next team uniform is easy, follow these 4 simple steps.

Uniforms hold significant value for businesses, primarily serving as a form of branding and a symbol of professionalism. Company uniforms designed with corporate colours and logos make employees easily recognisable. This helps to enhance the company’s brand image and builds trust among customers. Uniforms also make employees feel part of a team and work towards building company identity and unity, which can boost morale and productivity. Build your team uniform with these handy steps.

1. Identify departments or roles requiring uniforms.

Colour-coding apparel for different departments can be helpful identifiers for your clients.

2. Pick styles & fabrics based on job roles & functions. 

Our apparel range is designed to cater for both functional and non-functional roles. Available in a range of fabrics and styles to suit all budgets, body shapes and climates.

3. Allocate enough pieces for each team

Providing the right allocation of uniforms ensures staff have enough pieces to last them through their working week and increases the longevity of garments.

4. Ready to order

Get in touch with our uniform specialists who can review your requirements and suggest the perfect uniform solution for your team.

Long-lasting, trade workwear.

In businesses where safety is paramount, such as construction or manufacturing, uniforms also play a crucial role in protecting employees. Specific attire made of durable and protective materials can prevent injuries and ensure that workers are adequately equipped for their jobs. Additionally, uniforms can also negate any risk of inappropriate dressing, bringing a considerable level of professionalism to the business environment. Therefore, investing in uniforms can significantly enhance the overall reputation, productivity, and safety of a business. View our range of trade workwear and overalls below.

Functional uniforms made for busy kitchens.

Branded uniforms are a vital element in the kitchens and hospitality sector, creating a strong impression on both the staff and the customers. For chefs, a uniform is more than just an outfit; it reflects the professionalism, expertise, and hygiene standard of the person wearing it. Having a well-branded uniform can enhance the credibility of the chef and the establishment they work for. From the front desk to the waitstaff, a consistent and attractive uniform can generate a sense of coherence and reliability, influencing the overall guest experience positively. 

Care Industry Workwear

First impressions count, especially when your business is service-based. We can source a range of scrub options that are designed locally, together with medical professionals from a diverse range of Care industries. Each item is made from durable fabrics, comfortable, easy to care for, and fit for purpose. View the colour options below.


Modern and eye-catching, our purple adds richness and depth to your wardrobe without being overly vivid. Try pairing with navy, charcoal, black or white.


Match with black, navy or charcoal lowers and outerwear. For depth, add a secondary colour palette of white, electric blue or navy.


A colour that will go with everything in your
wardrobe and complement any skin tone. Add depth to charcoal with contrasting colours of blue, purple or white.


Black is a staple in any working wardrobe, and goes with just about every colour.


Match with black or navy lowers and outerwear. For depth, add a secondary colour palette of white,
blue or black.


Navy is a staple colour in any health wardrobe. Best worn with black or navy lowers.


Give your wardrobe a recharge with electric blue. Pair with navy, charcoal or black lowers and outerwear for a striking look.


Teal matches well with navy, black or charcoal in
both lowers and outerwear.

Uniforms perfectly suited for your team and job functions.

Get in touch with our apparel and uniforms specialists today to discuss how we can help your business look its best with our range of high quality clothing and accessories.

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