Promotional Toys and Novelty Giveaways

Boost Promotions supplies a wide range of promotional items for kids, outdoor games, promotional toys, and novelty giveaways for all ages. They can be a cost-effective way to market your brand and a good way to get your brand in front of people. These products range from plush toys and temporary tattoos to piggy banks and yo-yos.

Plush Toys provide a cute and cuddly branding option and are great for brand recognition and spreading goodwill. Temporary Tattoos are ideal for interactive promotions, awareness campaigns, and fundraising. Piggy Banks offer an engaging way for kids to learn about the value of money. Yo-yos come in various colours that align with your personalised design or company logo.



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Consider these 5 things when choosing promotional toys and novelty items:


In the world of promotional giveaways, quality can't be compromised. You don't want to give out cheap items that will break or fail after a few uses. This reflects poorly on your brand and wastes the money you spent on the items. It's better to spend a little extra and choose items with superior durability and reliability.


Aside from quality, the usefulness of the item should also be a top priority. These items should have practical use in daily life; users are more likely to remember the company if the promotional item is a product they use regularly.

Target Audience

Understanding who you're giving these items to is crucial. For instance, if your target audience is children families, consider novelty items like soft toys and educational games. It's about delivering appropriate novelty items that will get the attention of your audience and keep it.


The items should be attractive and should captivate people's attention on the first look. Uniquely designed items are memorable and will most likely get people talking about your brand. Ensure that your company's logo is visible and prominent enough for it to be recognisable.


Lastly, you should always consider the cost of the promotional item. You want to get the most value for your money by choosing a product that balances quality and cost and what discounts might be available when buying in bulk.

BRANDCRAFT Money Box Wooden Model (TUA126735)

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