Umbrellas can boost brand awareness

With various designs, features, and styles, umbrellas not only protect you from the weather but also enable you to make a fashion or corporate statement. From an item of convenience to a corporate branding element, umbrellas now serve multiple purposes.

Sports umbrellas can play a crucial role at events. Designed more rugged, and larger than typical umbrellas, they protect athletes and spectators from harsh weather conditions. Some sports umbrellas contain features such as UV protective layers and a wind-resistant structure. They’re often seen on golf courses, soccer fields, and other outdoor sports venues, shading athletes and audiences alike. In addition, corporate logos imprinted on sports umbrellas serve as a way to promote your brand.



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A stylish accessory in harsh weather


Designer umbrellas have swiftly marked a spot in the fashion industry. These umbrellas are much more than just a means of protection against weather elements. They come in a broad spectrum of patterns, colours, and shapes that fit the varying tastes and styles of consumers. Designer umbrellas can make a significant statement about your brand.

Your walking billboard in any weather

Businesses can leverage umbrellas as promotional items, embellished with their logos or taglines. These umbrellas not only useful but also function as walking billboards when used, giving businesses extended exposure and brand visibility. Be it at a trade show, a corporate event, or regular gifting, branded umbrellas are a great way to subtly push forward your brand's image.

Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella (TUA126435)

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