Back-to-work essentials: Catalogue out now

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Image credit: Annie Spratt

Make going back to work smoother with these must-haves.

After coming back from the summer holidays, inject a bit of fun into your daily work routine.

Rekindle your creativity during breaks with a sketch set, designed to inspire and reduce stress. Ensure your privacy without compromising on connectivity by using a webcam cover – a simple accessory that makes a huge difference. Keep lingering summer vibes alive by wrapping your lunch in a colourful and environmentally friendly food wrap.

Stay focused and alleviate workplace stress with a fidget spinner, a quirky tool that actually promotes concentration. Finally, immerse yourself in your favourite tunes or engage in crystal-clear online meetings with high-quality headphones, making work from home days more productive and enjoyable.


5 interesting back-to-work items:

Sketch Set

This sketch set offers everything you need to unleash creativity and express artistic abilities. It features a gorgeous range of 12 vibrant coloured pencils and a medium-size note pad with 50 leaves of unlined paper.  This sketch set is presented in a smart, sturdy unbleached cardboard cover with neat elastic loops making it easy to keep your art materials organised. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced artists, offering endless artistic exploration.

Web Cam Cover

It is a great idea to cover laptop webcams when not in use for security reasons. The Eye-Spy webcam cover is easily installed and provides security against webcam hackers. It has a sliding cover that can be closed for privacy and opened when using the in-built camera/video. Eye-Spy is presented with an instruction card in a resealable bag.

Food Wrap

These reusable food storage wraps designed to protect sandwiches, buns, rolls, bagels and more. It eliminates the need for single-use plastic food wrap and ensures lunch boxes are waste-free. They have a hygienic food-grade EVA liner that is water-resistant and can easily be wiped clean or washed in a washing machine.

Fidget Spinner and Pop Bubble Board

The Fidget Spinner is a fun therapeutic item that users spin between their fingers and can learn to do tricks with. Its simple spinning action is addictive and provides hours of stress-relieving fun. The momentum produced provides a pleasing sensory experience while the challenge of tossing, transferring, and twirling it has spawned an entire universe of instructional YouTube videos. Spinners are extremely popular and offer an exciting opportunity to put a logo or message in the hands of a huge potential audience.

The Pop Bubble boards are another fidget item that provides the sensation of popping bubble wrap to help reduce stress and anxiety. Manufactured from flexible and washable silicone, the Pop Bubble Board creates a sensory experience for adults and children alike. It can also be played as a two-player game, where players take turns until one player is forced to pop the last bubble.


Our headphone options produce incredible stereo sound, perfectly designed for music enthusiasts and professionals alike, these headphones deliver exceptional sound quality, noise cancellation, and long-lasting comfort. With adjustable settings and sleek design, they ensure an unparalleled audio experience whether you’re tuning into your favorite music or engaging in online meetings.

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