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When you need to make a note of something, do you ask for a sticky note or a Post it note? When …

When you need to make a note of something, do you ask for a sticky note or a Post it note? When looking for a marker, do you ask for a marker or a Vivid? When you make a written mistake, do you ask for correction fluid or Twink? Brands such as these, have become very well-known and positioned themselves as memorable and unique in the marketplace. It is not impossible for small businesses to also grow and create positive, brand awareness themselves.

Promoting your business using promotional products, giveaways, win in store products, and branded apparel are all great ways to reach and engage with your audience and customers. However, depending on what your businesses is trying to achieve can define what form of marketing and advertising strategy might work best, and at what stage.

If you are launching a new business, then you need to tell people who you are, what you are offering and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Brand awareness is the first key step in promoting your businesses and building a customer base. This could include online marketing, re-marketing, social media advertising, flyer drops, event sponsorship, impressive content, local partnerships, articles and competitions.

Along with all the digital marketing strategies a company could implement, there are also the tried and true physical promotional items to start building your brand.

A classic way to draw attention to your business is signage. To ensure your business can be found flags and banners can be stationed right outside your building or at your trade show stall.

If you are a commuter or have staff on the roads in New Zealand then a car wrap could work well to promote your company around the clock.

Freebies and giveaways are also an excellent way to get your brand seen. Branded key ringsstress balls or pens to give out at local markets, city events, parades, conferences or music events can help boost memorability, loyalty and brand awareness with future customers.

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